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New project: yet another [almost pure Python] image optimizer

New project: yet another [almost pure Python] image optimizer

When you want or need a custom tool and you can’t find it, you have two options: you either buy one (or ask someone to build it for you), or you make your own and do the best you can to make it work for you. This week, I decided to start building my own (almost pure Python) utility to optimize images for the web.

Python generators are great!

Python generators are great!

Python is an amazing language that can be both forgiving for beginners and still provide more and more advanced features as we dig through. Sometimes, you hear or read about some of its powerfull tools, and you feel that you have nothing to use it on. But one day that time comes, and you realise that it can make things easier, more readable or more performant. Generators are one of those nice little things.

Small steps

Small steps

Since I started discovering Python about two years ago, my learning path has been made of a lot of small steps. And today was no exception (no Python pun intended).

New project: counting files with Python

New project: counting files with Python

While working on this website, I had the curiosity to find out how many HTML and image files Pelican was generating behind the scenes. I had no utility at hand to count files recursively through folders and subfolders, so I decided to create my own using Python.