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Get started with Git!

Get started with Git!

When doing software or web development, you should have your code (and even other kinds of files) managed by a version control system, so that you are able to backup meaningful changes, checkout a file from a previous version, or collaborate with your team more efficiently. Over the years there have been some tools that serve for this purpose, but these days Git seems to be the most popular version tracking system.
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New project: Nice Telescope Planner

New project: Nice Telescope Planner

And now, for something different, I have just dived into Java. I am sharing with you the first (pre-)release of Nice Telescope Planner, a simple cross-platform desktop utility for amateur astronomy hobbyists, written in Java. The aim is to provide an easy to use tool to help planning sky observation sessions, suggesting some of the interesting objects you may be able to watch at naked eye, or using amateur equipment (binoculars or small to medium size telescopes) in a given date/time and place.
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Get started with Vim!

Get started with Vim!

This is the tutorial I wish I had around some years ago, when I first tried to learn how to use Vim. If you’re just beginning to know this amazing text editor, please keep reading, I am writing this tutorial right for you!
Reading time: 7 minutes