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Get started with Vim!

Get started with Vim!

This is the tutorial I wish I had around some years ago, when I first tried to learn how to use Vim. If you’re just beginning to know this amazing text editor, please keep reading, I am writing this tutorial right for you!

Graphical User Interfaces on Python with tkinter

Graphical User Interfaces on Python with tkinter

This Wednesday, 1 August, I did a brief presentation on GUI programming on Python with Tkinter, at Blip.PT, during a Summer Talks event promoted together by DevOps Porto and Python Porto. This article puts together the main topics from my presentation, and adds a few details that I couldn’t fit in the short time of that session.

Python to the rescue!

Python to the rescue!

One day you find yourself in a situation you need to set up an automatic backup system and you realise that your old server does not support Dropbox anymore. The sollution: getting your hands to work and write a program for that task.