The No Title® Tech Blog is a place for experimentation. I started it as a small personal challenge, just to see if I could implement a Python-based workflow for easy web publishing, without the need for any special local or remote hardware requirements.

By that time, I had just heard about Pelican, a static site generator, so why not start experimenting with it? Then I tried to pip install it into Pythonista and I decided that my workflow should be compatible with both desktop Python (for me that means Python 3.6+ on macOS) and mobile Python (for me, at this time, that specifically means Pythonista).

Of course, a project like this is a great opportunity to mess around with lots of interesting stuff, like Markdown, HTML, CSS and Jinja2 templates customization, image optimization, page speed optimization, SEO, iOS productivity apps, Git versioning and a little bit of Python. As so, you definitely should expect it to change every once in a while, or even find out that something is broken. I may be or may not be working in a fix for those issues, so please feel free to drop me a message anywhere or even to file a pull request on GitHub. I will try to respond as soon as possible.