Just updated - Optimize Images v1.3.6

Just updated - Optimize Images v1.3.6

Optimize Images has just been updated to version 1.3.6, a minor but still important release that fixes a few bugs and improves its overall stability. Thank you for using Optimize Images and/or contributing with feature suggestions, bug reports, or pull requests!

Here is the corresponding change log entry:

v.1.3.6 - 2020-08-02
  • Fixed a UnicodeEncodeError that would occur in some environments when printing Emoji to screen (Windows, Haiku, maybe others).
  • Fixed a strange multiprocessing error that apparently only occured on… you guessed (yeah, Windows, we are looking at you!…).
  • Improved stability on format detection.

Get it now!

To install Optimize Images, if you have Python 3.6+ and Pillow or Pillow-SIMD, just type python3.8 -m pip install optimize-images on the command-line. More detailed info, including on the required Pillow versions and some iOS specific procedures, is available on the documentation (English, Portuguese).