There are new applications translated to Portuguese, and it feels so good!

There are new applications translated to Portuguese, and it feels so good!

Do you know that nice feeling that comes from getting a mission accomplished? There is nothing like watching some of our work come to life.

Well, some time ago, I have started collaborating as a volunteer translator in open source software projects, including Haiku and some of its applications. And to celebrate the fact that a few of those translations are finally being released in the most recent updates, I am right now writing this article in Koder, one of the Haiku apps I have recently translated to Portuguese.

Quicklaunch - main window and settings window translated to Portuguese

Besides Koder (which, as the name implies, is a text editor for code), QuickLaunch (an application launcher for Haiku that is very similar to Spotlight on macOS) was also recently updated with my Portuguese translation. These are the first of a few more that are complete and should also be released soon, including, for instance, Paladin (an IDE for Haiku), BePDF (a PDF viewer and annotation tool), BePodder (podcasts and RSS subscriptions manager), Clipdinger (a clipboard manager) and the HaikuDepot Server.

But I can’t deny I am particularly interested in another big translation project I have collaborated a lot, but that still has its release pending: the Haiku operating system itself. I did in fact a big effort over some months, in collaboration with some other volunteers, to grow the Portuguese translation from around 20% to over 70%. It will certainly make a difference for Portuguese Haiku users, but probably the new translations will not be merged much before the release of Haiku R1/Beta 2.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to getting into some cool stuff. But that’s for another day. ;-)