Small steps

Small steps

Since I started discovering Python about two years ago, my learning path has been made of a lot of small steps. And today was no exception (no Python pun intended).

That’s right. I have been fighting with files in a very awkward way all this time – simply ignoring them. I knew of their existance, I knew they were important for package management and that they were probably a crucial tool to enable a simple installation process using pip. Though I kept running my applications directly from their main .py file, and it certainly was one of the reasons that kept my projects away from PyPI.

So, today I did two small actions that I am sure will be important for my current and future programming projects. I wrote my first file (nothing very fancy, but still very handy) and I registered my accounts on both TestPyPI and PyPI. If all goes as expected, sometime soon there should be some of my projects available for pip install.

The last few days brought a nice surprise to me, which was the first active code contributor on a GitHub project, discussing issues and submiting pull requests. Nataliia Bondarenko, from Ukraine, has cebome very helpful team member, who has been contributing with new features, code improvement and test automation for Count Files. Thank you very much and welcome aboard, Natalia!