Optimize Images v1.1 – new features

Optimize Images v1.1 – new features

Check out the new release of my image optimization command-line utility, which packed some new features.

Here are some highlights:

  • Added new options to allow downsizing of images to a maximum width and/or height before applying any other optimization (guess what? It really makes a huge difference in file sizes…)
  • Added a new option to keep EXIF data in JPEG images (by default, it will be discarded).
  • Added a new CLI argument to display current version.
  • Added a new CLI argument to display a list of the currently supported image formats.

Get it here: Optimize images - release v1.1

If you didn’t read my previous article about this project, please feel free to take a quick look at the full story of its begining. If may also want to check the recent announcement for the first public release.